Asia&America advocates “talent and performance orientation”, shows full respect for tolerance and personality, and upholds equal exchange. Combination between full play of personal potential and teamwork is emphasized for the sake of creating the best investment value.

Asia&America has provided an open and high-end platform, where quality resources at home and abroad. Through the platform, employees can get professional training, rapidly improve their business abilities and seek joint growth with the company.


Basic conditions of interns:
1. Outstanding English communication skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing);
2. Professional requirements: the major of finance or for specific internship programs;
3. Master degree or above in full-time key university;
4. Proficient in Excel, PPT and other office software applications;
5. Hardworking, conscientious and good at learning.

Job requirements and treatment:
1. Full-time internship should be guaranteed to meet the requirements of working hours and intensity;
2. The minimum internship length is 3 months or 6 months;

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