A&A Consulting

The core focuses of Asia&America Consultants Co., Ltd. covers finance, medical and healthcare, international education, technology, international conference. It services provincial (municipal) governments, large-scale enterprises under the administration of the PRC central government, local state-owned enterprises, and private enterprises.

Asia&America has a team of capable and experienced professionals made up of ex-PRC officials, senior leadership in state-owned enterprises familiar with the Chinese political mechanism and corporate management as well as experienced international merger&acquisition talent and industry research team.

Mr. Neil Bush, President of Asia&America Consultants Co., Ltd., comes from a strong and influential family background and is familiar with global stakeholders and the financial and cultural markets. His strong ability to integrate resources and discover collaboration opportunities makes him the best candidate for Sino-US international M&A and collaborations. Under the leadership of Neil Bush, Asia&America Consulting Co.,Ltd. can maximally shorten the transaction time and cut the transaction cost. Doctor Su Mei, the founding partner and CEO of Asia&America Consultants Co., Ltd. is experienced in dealing with the government and enterprises. Cooperation between Mr. Neil Bush and Doctor Su Mei makes Asia&America Consultants Co., Ltd. a consulting institution different from the rest and enables it to provide unique credit and value-added service for customers to accelerate customers’ transaction progress and increase the success ratio.