International M&A

1. Asia&America Helped Wintime Engery group aquired fertility clinic No.2 in Us Ranking

Asia&America set up the Overseas Fertility M&A Fund with Wintime Energy Group as the consultant. The fund quickly locked down top IVF target and acquired HRC fertility, the second biggest infertility clinic in the US successfully in merely half of a year. Wintime Energy Co., Ltd. (SHSE: 600157) declared for wholly owned Hong Kong subsidiary to invest USD 198 million in M&A fund set up abroad acquiring American assisted reproduction service provider HRC, foraying into local market. HRC Fertility was established in the 1990s and has taken the lead in US for the past 10 years in ratings for success rate of IVF babies.  It is also an influential IVF service provider in China.

2. Asia&America helped CASIC (600271.SH) acquire Honghua(00196.HK)

State-owned China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation (CASIC) absorbed Honghua Group, one of the largest rig builders in the world. The move will see CASIC acquire some 1.62 billion new Honghua shares, accounting for 29.99% of the company’s stock. Asia&America helped CASIC complet the acquisition, Dr. Su Mei, the CEO of Asia America, was appointed as an independent director of Honghua Group.